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Epic Games’ new free game is now available: So what’s next week?

Epic Games Store is giving away another free game this week. This week’s freeware, Doors – Paradox, will be available on the Epic Games Store until February 8.

Epic Games  Store , the second largest castle of gamers  , continues to delight users with the free game opportunities it offers every week. Finally, Epic Games’  free games this week have been made available  and the free games that will be offered next week have also been announced.  

Freebies of the week are now available at Epic Games

This week’s free game on Epic Games Store,  Doors – Paradox , will be available until February 8. We can briefly call Doors – Paradox an adventure and puzzle game. In the game, you progress through various handmade 3D dioramas and follow hidden clues. As we mentioned before, you need to add the game  to your library from Epic Games until February 8, 2024 at 19:00 Turkey time  . So it will be all yours. You can find the game’s store page below. 

Free on Epic Games:

  • Doors – Paradox

Epic Games  also announced the next free games that will be available next week  . Horror role-playing game Doki Doki Literature Club Plus! and Lost Castle , in the Rogue-Lite genre, will be available to users between February 8 and February 15.

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