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Buy Cheap TEKKEN 8 PS5 Digital Game Account . You will receive a new console account Full Access with the Game. Do not forget that you are covered by our Lifetime Guarantee and that our services are 100% Secure and Legal.


PlayStation 5


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Buy Cheap TEKKEN 8 PS5 Digital Game Account. You will receive a console account with the New Game. Do not forget that you are covered by our Lifetime Guarantee and that our services are 100% Secure and Legal.

Pre-order now and get the following content as a bonus for TEKKEN 8:
- Avatar Costume: Paul Phoenix Set
A set of five items that allow you to become Paul Phoenix!
- Avatar Skins: Tetsujin and Mokujin

Get ready for the next chapter in the legendary fighting game franchise, TEKKEN 8.

• 32 Fighters for a New Generation
Completely redesigned character visuals. Elaborate, highly-detailed models built from the ground and high-fidelity graphics break the limits of new-generation hardware by adding a new weight and atmosphere to TEKKEN’s signature battles. Vivid environments and destructible stages combine to create an overwhelming sense of immersion, creating the ultimate play experience.

• New Game, New Rivalry
Fist Meets Fate in TEKKEN 8. Holding a record for the longest-running video game storyline, the TEKKEN series begins a new chapter as TEKKEN 8 continues the tragic saga of the Mishima and Kazama bloodlines, and their world-shaking father-and-son grudge matches starting from 6 months after the closure of the last match. The story of Jin Kazama's growth and determination marks a new chapter in the timeless saga.

• Thrilling over-the-top battles embodying Aggressiveness & Destruction
The new battle system, Heat, dials up the aggressive nature of battles, while maintaining the play feel and tactics unique to the TEKKEN series. The intensity of battles is greatly enhanced by the destructable stages. Unleashing super move-like Rage Arts is sure to enthrall both players and spectators alike. All of these hard-hitting mechanics come together to make TEKKEN 8 the most exciting installment in the series to date!

• Enjoy your Tekken life!
In the new single-player mode Arcade Quest, craft your own unique avatar and embark on your new TEKKEN life. Battle your way through a variety of rivals across multiple arcades as the story unfolds, all while mastering the basics and practical skills in TEKKEN 8. Unlock a variety of customization items for characters and avatars as you progress.

*In addition to this edition, Deluxe Edition and Ultimate Edition are also available. Please be careful not to purchase the same content twice.

Game Languages and Legal Info

Platform: PS5

Release: 26.1.2024


Type: Action, Fighting

Sound: German, French (France), Portuguese (Brazil), English, Spanish, Spanish (Mexico), Italian

Display Languages: German, French (France), Polish, Portuguese (Brazil), Russian, English, Spanish, Spanish (Mexico), Italian


NO KEY - You will receive an Account that will allow you to download the game. You will be able to play it from your own account, forever.

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